Autumn in Glasgow

Autumn is loved for it's spectacular colour palette and cosiness as the days shorten and we retreat earlier and earlier each day to the warmth of our houses. Outside cold winds howl and rattle the trees and the leaves take a final bow, exploding into a fiery display of colour before quivering and spiralling to the ground. When the leaves can no longer be heard rustling in the wind and the birds have taken their cheerful songs south to decorate the soundscapes of southern Europe and Africa a stillness and deadly silence will hang in the air. It is then and only then that we will know winter has creeped upon us to begin his still and silent rule.

As I walk through the park on a cold and windy Autumn afternoon hundreds of mechanical ticks and tocks chase me along the path, skipping impatiently at my heels and hasting me forwards with gentle urgency. This is the final breath of  the leaves and my favourite sound of all.

As their dry carcasses are swept, gliding and tumbling to leafy graves the final whispers of the leaves are carried by the wind. 'Life is short and nothing lasts forever so hurry along now and make good use of the time ahead of you'.