Morning Soundwalk in Eskdalemuir

I made an early start this morning and drove through Eskdalemuir towards Castle O'er, the remains of an iron age settlement, where I parked the car and took a soundwalk* up the path into Castle O'er forest. With a view down to the White Esk river winding along the valley floor below I could hear a gathering morning breeze flowing through the valley and rushing upwards through the numerous species of tree that rise from the river's western shore. 

Five beech trees roar and rumble in the breeze ahead of me and a forest of silver firs hiss behind me. Despite it being the second week of May neither the beech or birch trees in this clearing have fully sprouted this years leaves yet and so the soundscape sounds almost autumnal, aided by the cold morning wind. Listen in binaural 3D stereo.

* a soundwalk is a walk in which the environment is explored through it's sounds and acoustics. It is most effective when done with the eyes closed although this wouldn't be recommended in urban places or near busy roads.