Monadhliath Mountains

Deep in the Findhorn Valley, surrounded by the Monadhliath Mountains the soundscape is still and quiet. The surrounding hills that rise from the river that winds along the valley floor shadow the valley from outside noise and make this location surely one of the most sonically sheltered places in Scotland.

At sunset each evening herds of deer from the mountains of both the northern and southern sides of the river make their way down to the valley floor where they graze in their hundreds.  I was frustrated not to have my parabolic microphone with me on this trip to record this spectacle but I plan to return and record the deer of the Monadhliath Mountains when I am next passing by.

Watching the deer graze so confidently in such vast numbers and on such open and exposed land demonstrated to me just how wild and unspoilt the Findhorn valley is and how only in places like this, where few humans visit, can the wildlife exist so freely and uninterrupted. Could it be the exceptionally low levels of noise pollution along the Findhorn valley that make this location so favourable to the deer who's survival instincts are known to make them tend towards quieter grazing spots?