Carry Farm

The following winter soundscape is one of a collection of recordings taken during a soundscape study of Carry Farm holiday park and campsite. The recordings demonstrate that even a comparatively small area of land can be home to a soup of complex and shifting soundscapes.

Carry Farm is an excellent location to take a soundwalk. Start by wandering through the expansive soundscape of the grassland that blankets the Carry peninsula (heard in the clip below) before heading down to the beach to follow the sound of the waves northwards along the coast. Eventually you will hear the light cracks and crunching of a soft bed of ground seashell beneath your feet. This signals your arrival at the jurassic coastline of the Carry Farm pinewoods where, in a gentle breeze, the grand canopy of the scots pine will whisper high above your head and a gentle swell will collapse wearily upon the beach, sweeping atop the cemetery of shells with a vigorous hiss. If you are lucky, just as each breath you take welcomes that of the rippling air around you and the strains of body and mind drop guard to the soft, primordial pulse of mother nature, you may be brought swiftly to the moment by the sharp, pre-historic cackle of a heron returning to her nest from across the bay.